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1.   Dogs entered at Kennel Club Licensed Field Trials must be registered at the Kennel Club in accordance

     with Kennel Club Regulations for Classification and Registration B.

2. The Society reserves the right to refuse any entry.

3. No substitute is allowed unless a veterinary certificate is produced certifying ill-health or "bitch in    season".

4. All dogs resident outside the UK must be issued with a Kennel Club Authority to Compete number before entry to the show/event can be made.  All overseas entries without an ATC number will be returned to the exhibitor/competitor.

5. If entries or nominations exceed the number of permitted runners, the right to compete in a Trial shall be decided by ballot.

6. Should circumstances so dictate the Society, in consultation with the Judges, may alter arrangements

      as necessary.  Such changes and the circumstances surrounding them must be reported to the Kennel


7. No modification may be made to the schedule after publication except by permission of the Kennel

     Club, followed by advertisement in appropriate journals if time permits before the closing of entries.

8. Judges at a Trial are prohibited from entering a dog which is recorded in their ownership or part ownership.

9. Videography and photography will only be permitted with the express permission of the Chief Steward and the host.

10.   Welfare of Dogs.  An exhibitor (or competitor) whose dog is entered at a Kennel Club licensed event

       should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of their dog(s) are met, and should not knowingly  

       put their dogs’ health and welfare at risk by any action, default, omission or otherwise.  A breach of this

        Regulation may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Rules

        and Regulations.

11.  DOGS IN CARS ON HOT DAYS.  Your dog is vulnerable and AT RISK if left in a vehicle in high

     temperatures and even on days considered as slightly warm.  Please take care of your dog.  If your dog is

     found to be at risk forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.


1.   No telephone entries accepted.  Illegible entry forms will not be accepted.  Draw results will only be

      sent to persons who enclose a stamped addressed envelope or legible e-mail address with their entry

      forms.  If more than one entry form required it may be photocopied.

2.   More than one nomination can be applied for but second applications will not be balloted until first

      applications have been balloted.  Names should be entered in order of choice.  Any owner successful in   

     the draw, whether they run their dog or not, will not get preference in any subsequent draw for the

      same type of stake unless the subsequent draw is undersubscribed or a veterinary certificate is produced.

3.   Bitches in season must not be brought to the ground.

4.   All dogs must be kept on a lead except when in line or used for picking-up under the direction of the

      Judges or the Steward of the Beat.

5.   Competitors should make their own arrangements for lunch.

6.   Withdrawals Kennel Club rule J7f applies.  

7.   The OWNERS, including all Joint-Owners, of dogs entered for trials must be members of this Society to

      get preference in the draw.  Joint-ownership will be considered the same as single-ownership to have

     preference in the draw.  

8.   All spectators attend the Trial at their own risk and must at all times obey the directions given by the


 9.  The trial will have deemed to have commenced after introductions have been made.  Any competitor not

       present at this time will be replaced by the reserve(s).

 Note  Our host's generosity and hospitality must not be abused by entering dogs with insufficient

 experience in the shooting field.  All dogs will be expected to retrieve fur and feather, including

            wildfowl, if necessary.