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Open Cocker held at Upton Pyne on 16th October 2017 by permission of Nigel Partiss

Judges Peter Avery and Justin Lascelles

1st  Delphaven Domino - owned by Kim Varty, handler Ian Openshaw

2nd  Ardcaein Fall of Delphaven - Ian Openshaw

3rd  Windwithe Black Widow- Jeremy Davies

4th  Breckmarsh Brook - Lee Cooper

CoM  Tautavel Kirsty at Sanaigmore  -  W J & A V Kedward, handler Ann Kedward

CoM  FTCh Rowston Spikey Aderyngi - Ron James

Novice Cocker trial held at Upton Pyne on 17th October 2017 by kind permission of Nigel Partiss.

Judges: Peter Avery and Anita Jones

1st      Beggarbush Shanky - Grant Brandon (Guns choice)

2nd  Chill of the Mountain - Rob Wilmott  

3rd  Aderyngi Seren - Ron James

Open AV Spaniel Stake (except Cocker Spaniel) held at Powderham Castle by kind invitation of the Earl of Devon. Headkeeper Dick Durrant.

Judges: Martin Ford and Kelly Ward

1st FTCh Surefly Sassy - Terri Siwek (Guns Choice)

2nd Deepfleet Sanchez - Peter Avery

3rd FTCh Bucklawren Krusoe - Simon Jones

4th Bucklawren Luna of Stockinford - Maurice Stanbury

CoM Thistlepark Destiny - Nigel Price

CoM FTCh Springervill Rosie Girl - Chris Thurston-Woolnough

Novice English Springer Spaniel Trial held at Luscombe Estate on 23 rd December 2017 by kind invitation of Sir David Hoare.

Judges: Dave Rayner and Paddy Williams

1 st Flintwood Fuzzy - John Cook (Guns Choice)

2 nd Stockewood Coneygree - Martin Ford

3 rd Killhopemoss Bedazzled - John Semmens

CoM Kirstzo Favia - Haydn Morgan

CoM Murreyeden Bunty - Nick Cox

CoM Halaze Tui of Springcopse - Simon Parsons

Novice AV Spaniel Trial held at Stowell Park on 26 th January 2018 by kind invitation of The Lord Vestey.

Judges: Richard Preest and Sara Chichester

1 st Kenquince Cherry Garcia - Matthew Warren

2 nd Aiteann Beagh of Clearmeadow - Andrea Perrett

3 rd Halaze Tui of Springcopse - Simon Parsons (Guns Choice)

4 th Kilhopemoss Gilberto of Spannerwood - Wayne Swiggs

CoM Cowarnecourt Karina - Niel Turner