KC ID No 519
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Novice Retriever Trial held on 14th October at Luscombe by kind invitation of Sir David Hoare.

Judges: Sally Jenkins, Keith Sandercock, Sally Ashby, Alan Ging

1st   Weststall Tolley Lab Dog - Frank Fitheridge

2nd  Cynhinfa Napoleon, Lab Dog - Claire Salter

3rd  Kinigar Jude's Law. Lab Bitch - Mark Bettinson

CoM  Wellsummer Daydreamer to Elmertown, Lab bitch - Angie Townsend

CoM  Sarnesfield Trooper, Lab Dog - Tony Griffiths

CoM  Zennawood Dark Angel, Lab bitch - Jess Latham

Two Day Open Retriever Trial held on 20th/21st October 2017 by kind invitation of Mr Richard Marker.

Judges: Mark Bettinson, Jamie Bettinson, David Stephens, Clare Wood

1st  Beggarbush Noble - Sue Hutton (Guns Choice)

2nd  Hatchfield Lyon - Di Harrison (Best Yellow)

3rd  FTCh Artistryn Ulrich - David Field

4th  Wellsummer Chianti of Highshot - Basil Smith

CoM  The Windbreakwhisper of Arcklebear - Clare Baker

Novice Retriever Trial held at the Temple Shoot on 23rd October 2017 by kind permission of Jeremy Boyd, Les Oldham and the Guns.

Judges: Steve Ashby, David Stephens, John Hodge, Haydn Willmott

1st   Movenne Kiara - Beth Payne

2nd Zennawood Dark Angel - Jessica Latham

3rd Ticefield Redwing of Anningtonbay - Mell Brooks

4th Elmertown Special One - Keith Townsend

Guns Choice Tallygold Michigan Blue - Mary Palk